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About Us

For years, I've been fascinated by Indian culture especially its wonderful textiles. In spring of 2015, I started working on a philanthropic project to help a small number of craftswomen from a very poor village in West Bengal, India called Shantiniketan. I partnered with a young designer, Abhisek Roy and together we created a brand called “Shanteni” in honor of that village. Our goal is to support the women there by employing them to embroider scarves designed by Abhisek specifically for the American market. In addition, a percentage of the sales will go towards purchasing solar inverters and any other technology that may improve their quality of life.

Abhisek himself is doing this not only to help that community but to complete his Masters in Design for Retail Experience at the National Institute of Design, Bangalore. He designed 40 scarves, sourced handwoven fabric and traveled many miles to bring the finished pieces to Anjumanara Begum for embroidery. Anjumanara runs a small collective where she employs about 100 women. Each scarf takes two to three weeks to embroider depending on the complexity of the design.

Our Fall 2015 collection features a very limited run: for most of the designs, two scarves are available. The rest are one-of-a-kind. Custom orders are available. Please email me if you are interested.

Thank you for your support, and please wear our scarves in good health!